JUARA, cheap Fried chicken outlet across Indonesia without debt.

Fried chicken Western style well known in the big cities in Indonesia. The price are for middle class citizen. Recently in the first year, a new Fried chicken local, JUARA open in 50 cities. Not only in the big cities. But also in small cities in the region as well.The business collaboration between investors and operators.

Cheap fried chicken.

JUARA Fried chicken outlet. Pic by APU

Culinary businesses are profitable business. The rate of profit may 10 – 50%.But for Juara Fried chicken, profit set only minimum profit, 10%. Got 10% profit mean that Juara may sell in a low price. They set the price affordable, only $ 1 or about Rp 15.000 including drinks. So the outlet crowded of costumers. The foods menu also simple. Mostly rice, chicken, taufu, chilly sauce mixed, vegetables and drink. Just like all you can eat as much as you can. Compare to the competitors, the price double or triple.

Simple design. Pic by APU

Investor & Operator collaboration.

Running Juara Fried chicken without debt. But by collaboration between investors and operators. One outlet manage by 100 member of operators and investors by profit sharing. Recently to run 50 outlets financed by 32investors from across the country too.

Every investor and operator have the acces to the operation system. To verify or audit financial report including the detail of the price of the raw materials and invoice. Juara management is open and transparant. Founder, Mr. Agung Prasetyo Utomo plan in 5 years ahead open 50 more outlet across the country. He amazed and copy of one Mini market chain concept in Indonesia. This chain open more than 10.000 chains in the suburb until sub region small cities in more than 10 years.

The plan to add more outlet is possible by more investor and operators. Even mini markets or shops who want to convert to Juara Fried chicken are welcome. Welcome by additional investment and collaborated with Juara old investors.

Juara outlet. Photo by APU

Interesting, the Juara Fried chicken set up by millenial engeeniring after early resign. Resign from Multi National company in assembling plant. He open up food business nothing to do with automobile. But his idea taught from his childhood invest in cattle business by profit sharing

Whoever want to join as an Investor please let us know. Just write in a comment below.


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